Compilation of data on:

  • population structure/development and school development
  • existing sport facilities
  • spaces and opportunities for leisure-time physical activity (e.g. amateur football fields, running routes, playgrounds)
  • sport club membership data
  • sport and physical activity programs offered by other sport providers (e.g. commercial fitness studios)

Needs Assessment

  1. Analysis of demand and offer structures
    • basic modules
      • survey on sport and physical activity behavior
      • sport club survey
    • optional modules
      • expert survey (Delphi study)
      • survey of commercial sport providers
  2. Assessment of current and future needs according to the sport facility planning field guide by the German Institute of Sport Science (BISp),  distinguishing between different types of sport facilities (gyms, sports grounds, swimming pools, special sports facilities)

Cooperative Planning

  • development of visions and overall concepts for sport development
  • definition and specification of goals
  • decision on priority areas
  • goal-oriented development of measures to be implemented

Sport Development Plan

  • summary of the initial situation as well as the goals, timeline, and procedures of the planning process
  • summary and evaluation of the results of the inventory and needs analysis
  • summary and evaluation of the results of the cooperative planning: catalogue of measures
  • recommendations for future sport development