Prof. Dr. Alfred Rütten

ruettenhas been active in the planning of sport development since the late 1980s. He has contributed a number of major innovations to the field. Among others, has developed and field-tested the ISEP approach. Alfred Rütten has introduced the approach of cooperative planning to the sport science community and was the first to use it both in object planning (1991, family-friendly sports field, together with H. Wieland) and local planning of sport development (1999). In the early 1990s, his and Wieland’s research on sport behavior in the city of Stuttgart provided the reference data for the behavior-oriented approach to sport facility planning (c.f. BISp field guide). His expertise in designing and implementing representative studies of sport and physical activity behavior is acknowledged both nationally (consultant to the German Olympic Sports Federation DOSB, the Regular Conference of the State Ministers of Sport, and the German Institute of Sport Science BISp) and internationally (EU and WHO consultant on measuring physical activity).

Prof. Rütten’s ISEP team has a broad interdisciplinary range of expertise:

Michael Dieck, M.A. public health and sport scientist

michael-dieckis involved in sport development planning since 2014 and works on the EU-funded project

Jana Ziemainz (née Schröder), M.A. sport scientist


has been involved in the planning of sport development for 15 years and is in charge of the CATI-lab.

Nora Rosenhäger, M.A. sport scientist


is active in different projects for the sports development planning since 2009. She is involved in data-analysis as well as in the co-operative planning.

Dr. Karim Abu-Omar, sociologist und sport scientist


has an international reputation as social researcher and expert for physical activity surveillance and survey research in this field. Among others, he has been responsible for the methodological design of monitoring physical activity behavior and health monitoring in the German federal states of Saxonia and Bavaria.

Dr. Annika Frahsa, political scientist


has also worked  on several ISEP projects. She is particularly involved in the international dissemination and project management of ISEP. Apart from the planning of sport development, she works in the areas of local politics, integration through sports, and gender mainstreaming.

Dr. Peter Gelius, political scientist


is particularly experienced in physical activity promotion among older people, policy implementation, program dissemination, and project management.