Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is a widely-spread method of empirical social research. We use WinCATI software in a modern telephone interview lab (as also employed by leading opinion research centers such as INFAS and Forschungsgruppe Wahlen) for both research and teaching. The lab has nine workstations for interviews and one for supervision, connected to each other through a secured PC network. Each workstation has its own PC, telephone mainline, and headset.

Advantages of CATI

  • Cost and time savings: no print or layout costs for questionnaires, changes can be made on short notice
  • High data quality and standardization through supervision of the interviews
  • Easy-to-use filtering: Program-controlled complex filtering to support interviewers
  • Quick data access: access possible during data collection, no faulty entries, no error-prone process of data coding

Michael Dieck are in charge of the CATI lab.