Frankfurt Rhein/Main (Region)

Planning Sport Development in a Metropolitan Area

  • Location: Frankfurt Rhein/Main Region
  • Federal States: Hesse, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Population: 4.4 Mio.
  • Project Type: ISEP

For quite some time, both the Conference of the Ministers of Sport of the German federal states and scientific experts have been demanding to conduct the planning of sport development not only on the local but also on the regional level. Due to structural peculiarities and the vested interest of local authorities, however, this kind of planning has hardly ever been attempted before. Depending on the definition, the Frankfurt Rhein/Main region has a population of between 2.2 (Planungsverband Ballungsraum) and 5.5 Mio (Metropolregion). In a pilot study conducted in 2006 in cooperation with the IKPS, the ISS developed a concept  for planning the sport development in the entire region.

The current project – again a cooperation of ISS and IKPS – will serve to implement the first modules of this concept. Among these are an expert survey and a representative population study including an assessment of sport and physical activity behavior with a realized sample of 4,000 interviews, which is conducted by the ISS in its CATI lab.