Deutschlandkarte mit Projektstandorten

Current Projects:

  • Bamberg (Bavaria), pop. 71,900

Recently completed projects (selection):

  • Göttingen (Lower Saxony), pop. 127,917 ISEP with a broad citizens’ participation
  • Frankfurt/Main City (Hesse), pop. 664,000
  • Dresden (Saxony), pop. 507,000
  • Duisburg (North Rhine-Westphalia), pop. 493,000
  • Nuremberg (Bavaria), pop. 503,000: ISEP with a focus on the sport club survey
  • Aschaffenburg (Bavaria), pop. 69,000: ISEP involving a comparison to other Bavarian communities
  • Starnberg (Bavaria), pop. 23,000: Inventory and needs assessment (without Cooperative Planning)
  • Bad Homburg (Hesse), pop. 52,000: ISEP with a focus on cooperation, coordination, and public relations (medium-sized city with very good infrastructures for sport and physical activity)